Bringing a famous Berliner taste to Asheville

THE DÖNER is a delicious and healthy restaurant influenced by Turkish recipes, serving local and fresh vegetables and meats in Asheville. THE DÖNER has two locations, our quick service spot in the Asheville Mall Food Court and our sit down restaurant inside UpCountry Brewing. 

Turkish immigrants invented the Döner Kebab, as we are serving it, in Berlin, Germany during the 1970’s. By layering thinly cut steaks of beef and lamb on a vertical rotisserie, the meat is grilled to crispy perfection. All of preparation is done in an open bar style kitchen, so you can order and be served a warm Döner Kebab or any of our other dishes in a few short minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is our meat Halal or Kosher?

No, unfortunately we are unable to source Halal or Kosher meat and keep our prices competitive to similar restaurants in our area. We offer many meal options that are vegetarian or vegan.


Are Döner Kebab, Gyros and Shawarma all the same thing?

At first sight, the Döner Kebab, Gyros and Shawarma look very similar. The meat is shaved from a vertical rotisserie, placed in bread, and topped with veggies and sauce, but they are quite different in terms of the type of meat, herbs, bread, toppings, and sauces. Döner is the oldest variation of them and due to cultural and climate differences, the recipes changed as it spread around the Mediterranean Sea and the Middle East. 


Why does ‘Germany’ always come up when talking about Döner Kebab?

In the 1970’s, Turkish immigrants introduced the Döner rotisserie to Germany. They noticed how workers craved something savory to eat on the go and created a sandwich, by adding Döner meat into German flat bread along with some Western European toppings and various sauces. Germans came to love the Döner Kebab and now eat more that 2 million Döner’s a day! We are serving the German style Döner Kebab rather than the traditional Turkish style.

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